New composite
The company “New Composite” is engaged in research and development of specialized equipment in the field of polymer composite materials and their hybrid compounds. The company’s activity is aimed at studying and identifying the most potentially productive properties of composites, as well as developing innovative technologies for their production and further use in the aerospace industry and special engineering.
One of the main company’s aims is to implement projects for the integration of its own technological equipment for PCM and bring these developments to the international market.

Our benefits
“New Composite” boasts its own research laboratory and preproduction line, equipped with the most modern equipment, as well as a staff of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in applied research of polymer composite materials. With the experience gained and long-term cooperation with the world’s top research centers and clusters, the company is able to ensure the effective research and development at all levels of technology readiness and implement comprehensive scientific and technological projects of any complexity.

Focus Areas


New Composite focuses on the research and development of advanced PCMs. Our research encompasses all areas related to composites and their use in aviation structures. Research allows us to find the most efficient solutions for the use of high-strength polymer composites that require less production efforts.


“New Composite” provides a wide range of services in the field of consulting and support of innovative projects. Our specialists have high scientific qualifications and extensive experience of cooperation with leading Russian and international institutions, manufacturers and clusters.


The company’s engineers offer services involving the development of PCM equipment. Our developers focus on designing dimensionally stable and temperature-resistant molding tools for autoclave molding and vacuum infusion. The design uses state-of-the-art materials and solutions proven over years


The company’s major services include PCM tests that meet national and international standards. Our experts experimentally determine the physical and mechanical parameters and properties of composite materials and examine them for compliance with standards.


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